Thursday, April 24, 2014

ETT Classes in Galena AK

Monday April 21, 2014.
I am in Galena Alaska for ETT training.
for 2 weeks.

I've never been here before, and I've only been here for 4 days and it's kinda weird.
I share a room with 5 other girls, Evelyn, Tabby, and 3 others I'm not sure what they're names are. It's pretty lovely. Our room looks like 1 big hotel room with a separate room.

They grouped us in different groups, so I was placed in the 1st group and I have the ETT training in the morning, and the nutrition class in the afternoon after lunch

Our ETT classes is in the auditorium with our instructor named Jane. (It's a dude.)
We learned how to use a sethescope, check blood pressure with the thingy,
and check it with our fingers on their wrist, and neck.
We also covered CPR steps, and practiced it on the dummies. Including infant CPR.
We took a test, and now we are CPR certified. (I hope.)

In our nutrition class we introduced ourselves, and talked about what our favorite food is, and our comfort food (Mine is cupcakes.) and some other things. We have a nice elder named Margie from Allakaket, AK and she happens to be my friend's auntie :) anyways, she showed us how to skin Beaver, she also let other kids skin it to. It was pretty exciting. I was getting pretty hungry.

And then on Thusday she taught us how to make homemade BBQ sauce, and she boiled the beaver meat while we were chopping up veggies since one of our chaperons were allergic to beaver. But after it was done, it was really good. I used to eat Beaver when I was little and I haven't had it since I was around 7, so it was good to try it. Especially with the homemade BBQ sauce.


Enjoy your day.

I'll upd8 more on my adventures in Galena. :3
xx- JazyyChu.

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