Sunday, July 20, 2014

A New Chapter!!

After lots and lots of hard thinking,
Since I'm finished with high school, I can finally go about my life and start new adventures. So, I decided that I'm moving to Sacramento, California. Holla!

I absolutely love Alaska and it's beauty, but someplaces aren't just for some people. Therefore, Alaska isn't for me so I decided it's time to leave.
Since I decided that I'm moving to Cali...
I've been thinking about it so much, and each thought about going there and meeting new friends and just a new place away from Alaska is just so exhilarating, and I'm just so jittery about it.
Of course I'll miss my friends and family and they'll probably lock me in a room and wont let me go because they'll miss me like crazy. (I hope so.)
It's the best to just, fly away from everyone I've known for so long because that's just the way of life and meet new people and expand my knowledge about everything else in the world.

A new chapter in my life begins soon, maybe now, or tomorrow.
Whenever I'm ready, I shall close one book, and open another and become my own person I've always wanted to be. Once I find her :)

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