Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cute and adorable and tattoo artists.

So I'm explaining to my friend, how I'm switching up my style because I don't really wanna wear dark clothes anymore? I wanna wear skirts, tank tops, cute adorable dresses and all that. How I actually like the color Pink, and all that.

Apparently all he got from that was, "what happened to my days of being a tattoo artist."

You definitely can still be "girly." with your cute nails? pretty hair,
indie, not so heavy metal music, not always dark and creepy
hail Satan Smoke Meth, tattoo artist.

Does this make sense? Just because I'm starting to wear adorable things does not change my mind of being a tattoo artist. Though, I do want to be a photographer one day when I start traveling the world :3 and be a tattoo artist as a side job.

My friend gives me headaches, and i just. I can't even. Can I sell him? He's 20 years old, dishwasher (I think, but he's switching jobs soon.) at Brewsters in Fairbanks, AK, Still lives with his parents (Can't talk or text on the phone passed 9.) Likes hunting, fishing, (even though he's really bad at it.) He likes to plan EVERYTHING. often ditches you and doesn't tell you and then he'll feel really bad about it. Often bullshits, somebody want him? He needs new friends anyways. 

Enjoy your day :)

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